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It finally feels very springlike in NYC. For our party, Isabel and I made colorful and seasonal sushi and sweets . Many of our guests showed up with flowers, and tried on kimonos. It was perfect way to celebrate the season.


April is ending, and I realized that I haven’t sent a birthday card/email to any of my April born friends… so sorry to belated, but wish you a wonderful birthday!!
This Happy Birthday cake pan from SUCK UK is the newest find for my silicone-kitchen-products obsession. Looking good!

New window installation by Rfive Design. Blue Thought Bubbles.
Our original fabric designs presented in wooden embroidery frames.

Introducing my first Brooklyn Bento Book! It contains 20 pages with 37 of my bentos. It’s the perfect thing for you or the food lover in your life! Right now, it’s only available here:

By Reiko T. Reid


Rfive Design

Flavor Palette