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Created by Catherine McEver (art prints available here )

I don’t eat wonder bread, but I appreciate the embroidery design on it.
For your sandwich, there are cheese and veggie to go with.

My Purple Birthday, originally uploaded by Reiko27.
My birthday is at the end of June, so my friends offered to have a party for me. They know of my obsession for having food theme parties, so it was perfect. Junko picked my favorite color, purple as the theme, and Isabel offered to make lots of animal shaped food. They even set up the cooking session with me before the party, so I got to prepare food with Junko, Isabel and Michelle, which I loved. I’m sure some designs were just silly and weird for my friends, but we all worked so hard, and everything turned out great. I love seeing my guests looking at the food with eyes, and wonder what it is, then start laughing. I hope the food made them happy, as the day made me happy.

Rfive Design

Flavor Palette