Skate, originally uploaded by Los Dragónnes.

A little Olympic fever from a former figure skater.

I don’t follow any sports, but I did watch figure skating until 2 Olympics ago. I liked figure skating a lot when I was a child. My mom made costumes with shiny sequins and feathers for my older sister’s competitions, and then I had to beg my parents for lessons for me. By the time I was 9 years old, I believed that I would be a pro-skater and have beautiful outfits all the time.

I become a fashion designer and I can make costumes for myself, but without skates. But I know that my mom is watching every event on TV with skater’s mom’s eyes.

姉が先にレッスンを始めていたのですが、母が大会用に作っていた華やかなコスチュームに刺激されて自分も始めたくなったのを覚えています。小学生の頃は将 来プロになってアイスショーなどに出演、などと思っていたようです。どうやら興味はコスチューム中心だった様で、スケートは続きませんでしたがデザイナー になりました。スパンコールも羽飾りも思う存分使えるので、まあ、ある意味予定通りと言えるでしょうか。