I prepared the Easter meal for my family and friends. I had an image of what Spring food should look like, and there ware so many things I wanted to try. I ended up having way too much food, for “just” the 10 of us. The appetizers were very filling, so it became a challenge for my guests to taste everything.

The menu was…
-Caterpillar Basil Potato Salad (no caterpillars were harmed for the salad!)
-Potato Pops
-Savory Cakes (Carrot & Olive / Parsley & Bacon)
-Turkey & Asparagus Tsukune
-Ginger beef bird nest with rice
-Almond Tarts
-Green Tea Cookie Tree
-Chocolate Truffle Miffy Cake

While growing up I watched my mom cooking for parties and wondered why she spent long time to prepare so much food. Now I sort of see why, and I got that food creation gene.