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People re-stage old photos of themselves. This site made me laugh, and made me want to dig old pictures to submit.

I also enjoy this website…. would love to find someone I actually know!


Rfive Design will be a part of DUMBO Art Festival
We’ll be showing our work ( a few prints & fabric installations) at Cha Cha’s House of Ill Repute.

his Saturday, 9/25/2010, 3-6 pm

Cha Cha will be having a party “Crabby Hour” with cocktails, sample sale and live music from 3-6 pm, in her hat shop.

Cha Cha’s House of Ill Repute
147 Front Street Suite 312

(or 68 Jay Street & take elevator, 2 entrances)

F Train to York Street

After a two month break from making bentos, the new school year has started.
All of my stock in the freezer is gone, especially since we recently moved, so it’s
taking a moment to think about what to pack for bentos.

The first of the year is inspired by Swiss painter, Paul Klee.

I thought it might be easy to just mix colored rice, but I couldn’t draw the lines and corners correctly to make cubes. It’s the same deal as reproducing a painting; it looks simple, but very hard to copy.

The process wasn’t difficult. I placed the colored rice and shaped with Saran Wrap, and adjusted the lines with toothpicks. The eyes are sliced almonds and red peppers and additional lines are made from nori. Around the face I used sauteed tofu with curry on top of thin
layer of rice.

I hope Roy will have great new year, and will wash his bento boxes every night!









Barry McGee’s new work on East Houston and Bowery. Must see!!

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