Mexico born Frida Kahlo is famous for her drama-filled life, self-portraits and her thick eyebrows. I used beef shogayaki with basil flavored rice to create the hair. I drew the eyes too large so it’s a very cartoon-like Frida.

There are two Frida related books that I recommend:

Frida’s Fiestas is a cook book. It introduces colorful party food and is organized according to what Frida might celebrate in a typical Mexican month. One of the writers is a daughter of Frida’s husband, Diego Rivera.  It’s very interesting to take a peek into the peaceful moments she shared with her stepdaughters, because Frida’s life with Diego was filled with drama.

Another book is The Diary of Frida Kahlo. Her ideas and thoughts are illustrated by her in a creative manner that most likely wasn’t meant for public consumption. Its an intimate look into her processes, which is an opportunity to see how her life and art converged at a particular point in time.



Frida’s Fiestasという料理の本はフリーダが実際に催した会食の様子が月のイベントごとに紹介されていて、メキシコの家でのカラフルな食卓を再現した写真は見るだけでも楽しいです。 著者の1人は夫のディエゴ・リヴェラの娘さんで、義理の娘との平和な交流が垣間見える様で、激しいドラマの話ばかりの中ちょっとほっと出来る様な気がします。

もう一つは日記、The Diary of Frida Kahlo。アーティストのアイデアやメモや色々な事が書きなぐってあるものはその人生と芸術が交差する時間があるようで、完成された作品とまた違った魅力を感じます。