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Another Miffy bento.


The Chinese New Year Started today. The year of rabbit. I used to lived in Chinatown Manhattan before I moved to Brooklyn. Around this season, crowded Chinatown got even more crowded for New Year,  so I was always busy thinking of ways to avoid the traffic. But red & gold decorations showed how big holiday the New Year is for Chinese people and it was nice to get in the festive feeling.

The most memorable time in my 6 years of Chinatown life was shopping for groceries in the neighborhood. It was hard for me in beginning to deal with their customs; I got elbowed and my turn for at the check out line never come. But I somehow found the way to survive, and ended up with many stores that welcomed me nicely, as a regular customer. For a lot of reasons, it was a great experience to see a bit of Chinese culture/custom while I stayed there.

I hope everyone have a great bunny year!










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