Orange mousse cake for my friend’s birthday.

It’s getting closer to Spring, and time to update some posts (its about time!).
Our friend Michelle come over to our place last week, and we celebrated her birthday. I have orange fever around this time of the season, and Michelle has orange colored hair, so….I wanted to use orange in her birthday cake. I drew her face with a 2 layered orange mousse cake.

One thing I learned is that gelatin made of orange juice comes out as yellow gelatin. Not orange, as anticipated.


季節柄オレンジが気になるのと、彼女の髪の毛がオレンジ色なので、バースデーケーキはオレンジを使う事を即決、ケーキにのせたオレンジの2層ムース で似顔絵を描きました。作ってみたらオレンジのゼリーはオレンジ色というより黄色く出来る事が判明しましたが、何となく彼女の感じには近づけたかと思います。(どうでしょう?)


Happy Birthday!