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The Public Art Fund again has turned City Hall Park into an outdoor museum exhibit,  featuring Sol LeWitt. The park is staging a collection of LeWitt’s 15 sculptural works from  throughout his career. They range from the geometric, monochrome minimalist structures to brilliant splotches of color, and trace LeWitt’s career from the ’60s until today.

The exhibit will be on display through December.


May 12 – June 25, 2011

Cheim & Read
547 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001
Telephone : (212) 242-7727
Hours : Tuesday – Saturday 10 am – 6 pm

Flavor Palette catered an open studio party for a photo studio.  The owner requested bento designs, and Japanese food, so it was a combination of bento & finger food. The party was held in a bright and stylish open studio with a skyline view of Manhattan and the 59th Street Bridge, so we were happy to present our food in a such a beautiful setting.
One of the food specialities was a camera onigiri. Since there were many photographers there, it was a challenge to show my interpretation of camera, but I worked from a Nikon FM2, for it’s retro design. Now I’d like to challenge for more detailed one, maybe a Bronica SQA!




The mobiles were a major part of Alexander Calder‘s art work. Whenever I see his mobiles in museums, I end up staring at their movements and shadows for long time. I’m always impressed with how the motion and light is calculated.
Unfortunately, this red pepper mobile wouldn’t move much since the rice underneath is packed pretty tight for transportation.




Easter has passed, and the world paid close attention to the royal wedding in Britain last week. Soon it will be the Kentucky Derby. Hats are really in the news this season! This is my favorite hat news recently:

Wood hat by London milliner, Jess Collett
via : What’s up! trouvaillesdujour

This reminds me of a magazine ad in 90’s. Italian artisan Lorenzo Ré in Paris did this exciting wood hat for Christian Dior in ’97. I searched for this image for hours, but It was very exciting to to see this again, as I saw it for the first time.


その中でも特に気に入った記事がこの(最初の写真)ロンドンの帽子デザイナーJess Collettの木を削って作られた帽子です。

これを見て、90年代に見た広告を思い出しました(下の写真)。パリのLorenzo Réという木型職人が、ディィオールの広告の為につくった物でした。これを見た時、とても興奮したのを覚えています。


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