Greeting w/ hummus & veg.

My friend Junko was visiting NY from Israel with her 8 month old son Sahar last month, so we did a follow-up party for them to celebrate Sahar’s first U.S. visit.

The party theme was “International” which I couldn’t figure out until the last minute, so planning the menu was a bit hard. First I thought I can buy whole bunch of Middle Eastern snacks from my favorite store, Sahadi’s, and ask Junko to assist with a Middle Eastern menu. But she was a bit too busy for planning, so we decided to mix with Japanese snacks, since Sahar has Japanese and Middle Eastern roots.

A new addition to the menu was Yakitori (chicken skewers).While making 100 skewers, I developed a huge respect for all the people who put meat on little skewers in restaurants. It is hard work!! It takes time and the raw meat was slippery… In the end, some of  the turkey Tsukune (meatball) and some beef skewers Chimichuri didn’t make it.

We asked guests to wear some type of international clothes, but end up that many of us tried on Yukata (summer casual kimono) that I own. Baby Sahar showed up in a little Junbei (summer kimono suits) and got everyone’s heart, and all the guests wanted to hold him after they met him.

I wonder how big he will be next time he’ll be in NY.



今 回は珍しく”テーマ”が寸前まで決まらず、メニューに悩みましたが日本人とイスラエル人を両親に持つサハル君にちなみ、日本風と中東風のおつまみを中心にインター ナショナルな雰囲気にしてみました。私とロイはせっかくなので浴衣を着たいと思い、ゲストにも民族衣装めいたものを提案してみました。


今回は焼き鳥(のようなもの)に挑戦しました。パーティー用に、何種類か合計100本も作ったのは初めてです。時間がかかりすぎて最後の方は串刺しをあき らめて、山盛りにした皿からつまんでもらいました。生肉を串に刺す作業が私には難しく、記憶にある焼き鳥屋さんで山と積まれている串物はどうやっているの か、慣れると早く出来る物なのか?。。。と改めて感心してしまいました。

Junko, Sahar & Isabel’s almond globe cake.

Very international guests.

Yakitori, Flavor Palette style.

Sahar talking to Roy.


  • Hummus + flat bread (Middle east)
  • Babaganoush + pita chips (Middle east)
  • Burdock salad in wonton cup (Japan)
  • Yakitori  (chicken + veg) skewers (Japan)
  • Tukune (Japan)
  • Beef skewers w/Chimichuri (Argentina)
  • Mini hamburgers (USA)
  • Tortilla de patatas (Spain)
  • Edamame tofu (Japan)
  • Green curry dumpling (Thailand)
  • Persian rice boat (Iran)
  • Olives
  • Bakalava
  • Globe cake
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Peach-melon fruit salad
  • Orange kanten

Flavor Palette!