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Ever since we bought a bread maker, we’ve been making pizza often. Our machine makes pretty tasty dough in 45 minutes. (If you’re interested its this one from Panasonic.)

Cheese and tomatoes are not Roy’s favorite things, so the standard pizza with marinara sauce wouldn’t be the first thing he would ever ask for. We only go to pizza restaurants serving pesto-based pizza. The nice thing about home-made pizza is you can use all your favorite toppings and adjust the sauces and cheese. We’ve been making pesto-based pizza with less cheese (for Roy, and add fresh mozzarella for me!) and garnish with big arugula.

The other day, I rolled out the dough for a pizza and realized that we were out of the pesto base. As a substitute I used Yuzu-kosho paste with mayonnaise for the base. Then we loved it and its beginning to be our new standard sauce for pizza.  Yuzu kosho is a Japanese seasoning paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel and salt. I mix mayonnaise with it and spread it over the pizza dough before putting on the toppings & cheese.

I wonder what we’ll start liking when we run out of yuzu kosho someday.








via: Inhabitat

San Francisco-based artist Liz Hickok has been recreating cities and famous landmarks from around the US in her favorite medium – Jell-O! This fragile material moves, and looks beautiful with light. Bravo!

I celebrated my husband’s birthday THREE TIMES in the past week! 3 cakes, 3 different audiences…

I remember asking him what he would do for his birthday, and I gave him 3 choices…stay@ home low-key celebration, restaurant celebration w/ friends, or family gathering celebration. And somehow, he managed to get all of them!

So the family come over yesterday afternoon. This time, I made everything green. Not as in sustainable, but as in the color of green, so as to look cool and light on eyes.

The main dish was  chicken with chimichurri sauce, which is a popular Argentinian steak sauce that contains  parsley, garlic, onion, spices and oil. We use it often to marinate both meat dish and fish dish at home. I like parsley a lot, so amount of our parsley we use is pretty great. This time it was a CRAZY amount because I used it for the sauce, a bacon savory cake, and a chilled cucumber and broccoli soup. Everything was vivid green!

The birthday cake was a chocolate roll cake. Isabel came over the night before to get the right kind of sponge cake and I decorated it with chocolate cream & green tea.

My mom gave me an idea of making an ice bowl. With a few tries, the ice bowl was successfully completed with some herb leaves in it for color. It kept the grapes on the table for a good 4 hours and captivated everyone!


Green birthday menu

Cucumber prosciutto pinchos(きゅうり、生ハム、クリームチーズのピンチョス)

Parsley & bacon cake(パセリとベーコンのケーキ)

Green gazpacho  (緑の野菜の冷製スープ)

Cauliflower ricotta salad  (カリフラワーの リコッタ サラダ)

Chicken chimiturri on green perilla rice (チキンのチミチュリソース和えと青じそごはん)

Green tea & chocolate roll cake  (チョコレートロールケーキ)

Green grapes in ice bowel  (マスカット、氷のボウル入り)



事 前に何をしたいか聞いた所、家でゆっくりしたいとの事だったので、当日は二人で家で祝うのにバースデーランチをセッティングしました。が、なぜか当日に なって友達とレストランに夕食にも行くことになり、双子の弟と他の家族もやはり呼びたいという事で、別に招待する事になりました。3択で質問したの に結局は全部やるハメになったわけです。


メ インのチキンはチミチュリというアルゼンチン風のソースに絡めました。これはパセリ・ニンニク・香辛料のみじん切りと油と酢などをまぜたもので、主にス テーキ肉と合わせるのですが、家では魚などにも使っています。パセリは私が小さい頃から好きなので普段から消費量が多いのですが、前菜のケーキにも冷製 スープにも入っているので今回ものすごい量のパセリを使いました。栄養価も高いですが、なんと行ってもパセリを使うと緑の鮮やかさが違います。



和菓子になったテキスタイル 2010/長久堂 (click to see the set)
和菓子になったテキスタイル 2009/長久堂 (click to see the set)

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