Ever since we bought a bread maker, we’ve been making pizza often. Our machine makes pretty tasty dough in 45 minutes. (If you’re interested its this one from Panasonic.)

Cheese and tomatoes are not Roy’s favorite things, so the standard pizza with marinara sauce wouldn’t be the first thing he would ever ask for. We only go to pizza restaurants serving pesto-based pizza. The nice thing about home-made pizza is you can use all your favorite toppings and adjust the sauces and cheese. We’ve been making pesto-based pizza with less cheese (for Roy, and add fresh mozzarella for me!) and garnish with big arugula.

The other day, I rolled out the dough for a pizza and realized that we were out of the pesto base. As a substitute I used Yuzu-kosho paste with mayonnaise for the base. Then we loved it and its beginning to be our new standard sauce for pizza.  Yuzu kosho is a Japanese seasoning paste made from chili peppers, yuzu peel and salt. I mix mayonnaise with it and spread it over the pizza dough before putting on the toppings & cheese.

I wonder what we’ll start liking when we run out of yuzu kosho someday.