Last month, we did our last summer BBQ party on Isabel’s balcony. The theme was polka dots, and we made everything round to make it fit the theme. Isabel’s brother and sister were vising NY from Switzerland and polka dots happened to be Isabel’s sister’s favorite pattern, so they were very happy to join in with us. We like to do theme parties and ask the guests to wear a particular pattern, and it’s not always so successful. This time, we prepared some polka dot scarves and ties for the guests to wear, so everyone had something on to enjoy the night. I was very happy to see that!


Cucumber, cheese & prosciutto pinchos
Herbed potato ball wedges
Polka dot salad w/purple potato balls.

Chilled edamame soup

From the grill
Mini burgers
Codfish with cherry tomatoes &  rosemary stick skewers
Bacon-wrap scallops
Grilled vegetables (squash, zucchini, mushroom)

Chocolate/pineapple mousse
Raspberry chocolate cake
Fruit salad jelly in candy bag

テーマパーティーをするとき、私達はよくそのテーマの服装(例えば色などを何処かに使う、など)で来てくれるようにゲストを招待するのですが、なかなか大勢の人に着 て来てもらえる割合は低いのが現状です。今回はそこを見越して水玉のスカーフやネクタイなどの小物を随分用意しておきました。嬉しい事に皆何かしら付けてくれて、珍しく全員水玉に なりました。