Christmas is coming in a week, and I’m still thinking about the holiday menu. I’m trying to come up with little Christmas twist for every dish to make our table festive. We had a very easy Thanksgiving last month at Donna & Vincent’s apartment (aunt & uncle), so Christmas is our turn. We are hosting 12 people dinner.

Before Thanksgiving, we celebrated Isabel’s birthday.  We also wanted to practice serving a sit-down dinner, as we have had a few dinner party requests. Compared to our regular finger food madness, the preparation was much smoother, and we feel as if we didn’t have to rush anything (a lot usually gets done at the last minute!). We learned a lot about how to time the serving of each course. We also enjoyed the evening with excellent company.

Purple was the theme and this was the menu.

Purple martini (紫のマーティーニ)

Bacon wrapped plums(プラムのベーコン巻き)
Purple potato chips & purple corn chips with ricotta lemon dip(紫芋のチップス、紫コーンチップスとリコッタ・レモンディップ)

Beet vichyssoise(ビーツの冷製スープ)

Fig-prosciutto mousse on flower pastry(イチジクと生ハムのムースの小さなパイ)

Ginger beef and burdock on purple rice(牛蒡と牛肉の生姜風味と黒米入りご飯)

Vanilla-blackberry parfait(バニラとブラックベリーのパフェ)
Blueberry cheesecake(ブルーベリーチーズケーキ)

Have a Wonderful Holidays!