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Beautiful & unique exhibit in the historical Mercantile Exchange Building. I just wonder how they got those pieces of wood resemble a book shelf…

Le Cabinet de Curiosités – Nov 15 2011-Feb 25 2012

6 Harrison Street, TriBeCa New York


My Catalan sister Neus came to Brooklyn for a visit. I’ve known her since we were teenagers, and we have been visiting each other all these years, so we feel like family. This was her 3rd visit to NYC, so outside of hanging out with me, there wasn’t much sightseeing on her list.  She covered a few places that have changed since her last visit, the Highline, DUMBO, MoMA, etc…

We celebrated her birthday one night with Japanese food, since she doesn’t eat sushi as often as New Yorker do. I made a sushi birthday cake and a few little Japanese tapas dishes. The sushi cake was success, and it was such a time saver compared to making different rolls. Isabel brought her caramelized-pear-Swiss-chocolate cake AND her Persian fiancé!  We all enjoyed very international evening.

A few days later we had Spanish food night. I told Neus that I made paella on Christmas, and it was a bit wet. Then she thought I need a real paella pan and brought one with her this trip. Of course she had to show me how its used, so we invited our family and had another dinner party. It’s so great to have this beautiful pan on my table, I’m sure I’d plan another Spanish food party soon!

バルセロナから私の異父母姉妹であるネウスがやってきました。彼女と私はティーンエイジャーの頃に知り合って以来、お互いの家族も含め行き 来を繰り返しているので、今や家族同然です。スペインでは何度も長期滞在をさせてもらいお世話になっていて、私の結婚式の時などは日本の家族と(夫の)アメリカの家族までもひき つれて行って式を挙げ、賑やかに滞在させてもらいました。

パエリャは私の母もよく作るし、スペインでネウスのお母さんが作るのを見るものであって、自分では作ろうと思った事があまりありませんでした。去年のクリ スマスに練習を含め何度か作った際、本番で大量に作った物が少し柔らかくなりすぎてしまった事をネウスに言うと“専用のパエリャ・パンでなければ!”と今 回わざわざ持って来てくれたのです。


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