March 3rd is Japanese Girl’s Day, Hanamaturi, which also is known as The Doll Festival. My friend’s 3 years old daughter was big enough for her kimono this year, so I wanted to have a little gathering to celebrate. No one has ever heard of it here, but I told my friends that “we’ll wear kimono, eat sushi, and celebrate the girls day”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to finish all the food I planned to do, so the sushi doll didn’t make to the table. But Sadie, our girl-of-the-day was running around in her kimono, and she looked just like a doll to us.

When my sister & I were growing up, my family always celebrated this event. Roy and I will continue this tradition next year, since we are expecting a girl baby this May. This was Roy’s advance notice of what is to come. The truth is, any reason to have a kimono party is a welcome one to me.