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Hello readers

It has been very long since my last post… and I am delighted to be back from the pregnant pause to make a special introduction to you all. I have recently become a mama!  On April 25th, Roy and I welcomed a baby girl into the world. Here is little Remedios (Remi / Remedy), 2 weeks of age…

Our newest creation!

The end of March, I had to stay 10 days in the hospital because I went into preterm labor, then a month after that, my water broke and this little girl rushed out a month earlier than her due date. She is very little, but perfectly healthy and come home from NICU last weekend.

Having her has been such a joy, and parenting certainly seems an intense experience (as I heard!). We are taking it day by day as we get used to things. Every day we marvel at the speed at which she grows and her emerging personality.

I’d like to thank my family, friends, and you readers for kind messages and support during my pregnancy.





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