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Our gingerbread house this year was inspired by Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye. It was very tasty, but I have to say that the my version didn’t pay homage to the original very well. The proportions of the building is off and the roof top design is much more complicated than I thought. I guess I totally ignored the “five points of modern architecture”!

This is the second attempt to copy famous architecture ( I tried to make a house by Antoni Gaudi last year) in cookies. And what did I learn? Researching the model before I make it, is more important than afterwards. Now, I am enjoying more images of the house and admiring it more than ever!

Remi cannot eat this yet, but I’d like gingerbread housemaking to be a continuing family tradition!






Twist in Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Becoming a new parent in the spring, I didn’t get out to see much art this year. I did see some things I liked. Our 8 month old daughter has seen good amount of art for her age.

These are the 5 exhibit I enjoyed this year.


Mark Bradford


Leonardo Drew

Steve Powers, Livingston & Amity Place.

Steve Powers, Livingston & Amity Place, Brooklyn.


El Anatsui, High Line.

I also like this list of street art @ gothamist.

Merry Christ(Boom)mas!!

Rfive Design

Flavor Palette