Beginning of this year, big box of Hina-dolls  come from Nana(my mother) in Japan. The official dolls to celebrate Hinamatsuri had arrived.

Hinamatsuri is Japanese Girl’s Day, a holiday to celebrate girl’s growth and well being in Japan. This was Remi’s first and many of our friends were on hand to help celebrate with us. I really enjoyed this holiday growing up, since we are a family with two girls, and my parents and both of my grand parents were always on hand to take part in this day to celebrate with  me and my sister. We had decorated a big set of dolls, (just like a Christmas tree!) wore kimono, and  gathered with family and friends (including boys).

This tradition might seem a bit odd to our non-Japanese guests, but I’m sure they could enjoy the “kimono party” and some Japanese-influenced  food. I was happy that everyone who showed up could try on kimono, including Sadie, who is 4, with her own formal kimono. Sahar, who is 2, who just got his custom-made kimono set from Japan. They were both very stylish. Our 10 month old Remi wore a kimono romper (also from Nana)with “hakama” pants, and showed how she can stand and walk with support! Shaw, who is 7 months, also joined us, which made a good number of kids at our first children’s party. Hopefully we’ll have more kids next year, because Isabel’s baby is due this summer!

Big thanks for Isabel for the beautiful chocolate cake, and Junko’s simmered vegetable dishes made my non-traditional menu more Japanese. Also I’m thankful for my lovely husband for being so supportive of my culture, and our daughter. Maybe Roy just enjoyed the kimono party!


Daikon Salad Pinchos

Edamame Tofu

Renkon Nanban (Fried Lotus Root in sweet-sour sauce)

Aioli Potato Salad

Simmered Pumpkin (Thanks Junko!)

Simmered Hijiki & Soy Beans (Thanks Junko!)

Namasu  (Marinated Daikon & Carrot: Thanks Junko!)

Chicken Roll


Temari Salmon-Dill Sushi

Temari Negitoro Sushi

Temari Shiso-Ikura Sushi

Temari Pesto-Turkey Sushi

Temari Shibazuke Sushi

Temari Cucumber-Egg Sushi

Gomoku Inari Sushi


Strawberry Chocolate Cake (Thanks Isabel!)

Strawberry Kanten Mousse

Purple potato/ Green Tea Cookie