Our baby girl had her first birthday on Apr. 25th. It’s hard to believe she is already 1 year old, but seeing what she can do these days, especially in the last a few weeks, it makes sense that things she does are things that other 1 yo are probably doing.  It’s been so wonderful living with her.

Started as Preemie (as in “Premium baby” we say, not premature…), the size is still small (27″ & 15lb), but she has been amazingly healthy & tough on her first year. And her development has been exactly as the baby book and doctors says every month. We said goodbye to the gummy smile, because of two of her lower front teeth showed up right before her birthday, and 4 upper front teeth started to show right after.

She has been cruising since 9 month old, but her walking became more stable around her birthday. People often tell us that it’s amazing to see her walk at her age, but they usually don’t know she is already one because of her size. She is fine with strangers/new people and she even goes to them, but she NEVER smile back to the people who comes to her or smile at her, just stare at them hard! It’s a very interesting social skill.

Talking is another big thing. She probably got it from her dad, that she is pretty chatty at home. We started to hear her mumbling with several words. both in English and Japanese. I noticed that she mimics a lot these days, but it doesn’t seems like she knows the meaning, like “yes,” “no”, “bye”, “daddy”…etc, doesn’t mean much yet, and she says “eeeeee!” to get my attention. Frequent & clear ones are “banana”, “inai-inai” (Japanese peek-a-boo), and loud “Yey!” with clapping. So everything is not so clear yet, but she seems to understand what we say to her often, and she would respond with some type of attitude.

When this girl first came to us, understandably she could not go anywhere by herself. Now she is walking around and investigating on her own, when we let her. How the human mind works amazes me. It’s only been a year, but she seems like totally different person than a year ago. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


早 産で低体重児としてのスタートでしたが、この一年病気もせず(軽い鼻カゼのみ)、サイズ以外は月齢ごとの育児本によると典型的な成長具合のようです。この誕生日前後 の何週間かは様々な事が急に出来るようになり、一気に“赤ちゃん”から“こども”に近づいて行くようです。誕生日目前でやっと見え始めた下の歯につづき前 歯も4本見えて来たので、ついにガミー(歯茎)スマイルともお別れです。歩行も支えなしでよちよち歩く時間がずいぶん増えて来ました。外を歩いていると 時々“もう歩けるの?”と道行く人に驚かれますが、それだけ小さめってことなんでしょうね。(現在68cm/7kg弱)ちなみに親以外の人を凝視する傾向に あり、ちょっと笑いかけてくれた人などに笑顔は返しませんが、じ〜〜っと見つめています。人見知りではないようで、近寄って行ったりもするので不思議な社 交性です。

毎日忙しく遊んでいるレミですが、おしゃべりには単語が混ざるようになり、”ばなな”、”いないいない….”、そして拍手を交えての“イエーイ”が、頻 度も多くはっきりしています。気まぐれにイエス、やノオ、をつぶやいたり歌も適当にごちゃごちゃ言っています。聞いているのがおもしろいですが、こちらの言っている事も随分判るようになり、こちらも言葉遣いなど気をつけて会話しないといけなくなって来ました。とくに”やってはいけないんだろう なあ。。。と思いつつやっている事”(落ちている糸くずや破った本のはしっこを食べる、など)を咎められると、言い訳めいたトーンで訴えて来たりするの で、本人はちゃんと会話をしているつもりのようです。とにかく、1才になるって大事でした!たった1年とはいえ、 ニンゲンの最初の1年の重大さを実感、新生児の頃と今とは全く違う生物と言う感じです。これからがますます楽しみであり、もちろん恐怖でもあります。