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Mashed potatoes and meatloaf. This was my second attempt of a Mummy in a bento. We’ll be having a Mummy-themed dinner with a few friends for Halloween night, so I’ll be making a bigger vision of this dish.

Happy Halloween!!





One year after Hurricane Sandy ravaged parts of the East Coast, street artist Swoon has completed a new mural on the Bowery/Houston graffiti wall inspired by Sandy and the ongoing recovery efforts.




Ending soon!!

Barry McGee @ Cheim & Read

547 West 25th Street
Sep 12 – Oct 26, 2013


Janet Cardiff  :  The Forty Part Motet

September 10–December 8, 2013

Fuentidueña Chapel, The Cloisters, 99 Margaret Corbin Dr, New York, NY 10040


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Good-Bye Summer, Hello Lovely Autumn! We spent a hot humid summer in Japan, and now we settling back in our Brooklyn home.  Remi and I stayed a month longer than Roy, so we came back home just in time to fill up his lonely life. My sister Aki, who visited NY for the first time, just left, and our regular life started again.

Our first week in Japan was very active, as we tried to meet as many of our friends during our short stay there. Tokyo was crazy hot, but we manage to enjoy our time indoor most of time. We had some concern about Remi’s eating, but going to IZAKAYA (Japanese tapas bars) solved our problem. We could order little simple dishes to cover basics for her to eat, and a lot of times, we could get private rooms. Remi experienced many little celebration to meet up with people, so now she is the expert of KANPAI (cheers), with raising a glass.

I understand Remi won’t remember any of the activities we did, but we did a lot in Japan. Remi visited an amusement park, onsen, a swimming pool, family gravesites, shinkansen, and experienced summer festivals… my town has a big one in August. Roy was just simply happy to walk around and have his daily grilled fish & sake. It was easy to find his favorite food there, and my mom’s meals were some of the highlights of his trip.

We mainly stayed in my hometown, SENDAI. It was my first visit back after the big earthquake in 2011. I saw lots of changes, both large and small, losses and gains. It was an amazing time, and there were also the parts that haven’t changed at all. Its hard to imagine what people who live there experienced, because things seems so normal now.  It made me think when the small earthquake happened, I was the only one freaking out and my mom was calm, who figured out how small it was. Unfortunately, this is something she lives with everyday.

Remi is almost 18 months. She grew a little over the summer, but the big change is in her attitude, because she is not a baby anymore! She picked up a lot of Japanese words, since Nana (my mom) took care of her for almost 3 months. The most frequent word would be “KAWAII”, which is cute, I think she use it for cute things, also things she likes… she hugs stuffed animals and repeats KAWAII in high tone voice. It is very cute.





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