P1120575cGingerbread Guggenheim Museum

This year, my gingerbread building was modeled after the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Guggenheim Museum in NYC. The morning of my construction day, Roy sent me a link to a great set of gingerbread architectures, and the Guggenheim Museum was one of them. I almost changed my plan, but there was comparison, since I lacked ambition.

This is my 3rd attempt to make a gingerbread building using an architectural model.  I do like the idea of an edible house that we eat. It is fun thing to do!  I also enjoy making the pattern for it.  I also realize how much I dislike planning. By the time I started to use icing to construct the building, I had no intention of making it look clean anymore. And this is very messy work! I was supposed to bring a cake to our family Christmas dinner, so I thought it was a good idea to cheat and make the round part of the Guggenheim with a vanilla cake.

One good thing was that this year’s cookie better than before. And Roy had no problem tearing down the building right after the photo shoot (as he does every year). The cookie lasted only 2 days.

At this point, I think I won’t try to copy anything famous next year. But I might change my mind a week before Christmas!