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The sandwich book by Pawel Piotrowski. It would be a nice addition to my daughter’s book shelf. I’m sure she will eat it somehow….

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It’ll be fun to find his work at a book store!

It has been 3 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami, and there are still major issues with the recovery process, housing and contamination. I can not forget this date, and what have happened on March 11th. Again, I remind myself about the loss and hope for the future.






We had our annual Hinamatsuri/Girls day party on March 2nd. We had 10 adult guests, and 5 children guests over to celebrate. It was new to us to party with so many little children running around (Remi was doing most of the running), but I’m sure this is just a beginning.

The menu was all pink. Coloring food is one of my favorite things to do when I cooking. I try to use natural ingredients to color, since there are so many vivid colored vegetables and fruits out there. This time, I used beets a lot because of it’s strong pink color; it almost looks artificial! I guess certain things are not so appetizing when the color is changed. Making the burgers pink wasn’t the best idea.

Remi’s kimono is from her Nana in Japan. I adjusted it to make a 2 year old sized kimono fit her. She liked her outfit with the extra long sleeves, and she was very excited to see everyone. I almost felt bad for her next day, when she woke up and ran to the living room, but the party was over, it was just the two of us!

Hinamatsuri pink menu


Purple potato & chocolate polka dot cookie

Beets focaccia with olives

Purple potato crape roll with taramasalata salad

Beets tofu turkey burger

Purple cabbage coleslaw & potato salad

Blueberry muffin

Isabel’s orange cake with pink edible flowers

Strawberry cheesecake…. forgot to serve!










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