Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful year of 2014. I hope the year 2015 will be as entertaining and adventurous as the last one.

Did you have any activity requirements in your family growing up? Mine was tennis. My parents were both frequent tennis players, so I had to attend their Sunday practice with my sister at a very young age, without a choice. Roy and I go to galleries and museums together a lot. Remi began joining us at 2 months, and obviously she had no choice!  She loves any outing to start with, and she has been behaving pretty well and is somewhat interested in seeing the art. Around last summer, I started to notice that she shows more emotion around the work. She would smile and say “Kirei ne~”(means it’s pretty, isn’t it? in Japanese), or get scared of some sculptures, then lead us to see other works she’s more interested in. Seeing her like that makes me very happy, and I feel that she is really one of us! Our family activity will continue throughout 2015 and beyond (or until she loses interest).

I’d like to share some of our favorite art shows from last year.


1) Jacob Hashimoto, Mary Boone Gallery : October




2)Tara Donovan, Pace Gallery : June




3)Swoon, Brooklyn Museum : May




4) Louise Bourgeois, Cheim & Read : November (until January 10)




5)Juan Muñoz, Marian Goodman Gallery :December (until January 31st)