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My 6th annual gingerbred house was Santa Caterina Market in Barcelona. I visited there a few times for having meals, or getting Jamón Serrano… it’s a beautiful building and space. I did look at pictures well, but there was no way for me to re-capture the details, so it ended up very simple. but I focus to show the wavy shape of the roof, and fun mixture of colors of mosaic works.

At 5 years old, Remi here finally noticed that I like to design food in different shapes, and this year she wanted to help me. She thought she could help me speed up the process, since she is very good at painting and gluing. (She wants to be “Frida Kahlo” when she glow up.) It was hard to come up with excuses for not getting her help without hurting her feeling, but I sometimes need time to relax first and possibly having a glass of wine to get inspiration.

The roof I made from a mold using aluminum foil. I did not match with the building because my measurements were totally wrong. This didn’t surprise me and my second try worked well enough. Roy and Remi were happy to have extra cookie house to savor, before Christmas.

H A P P Y    H O L I D A Y S !!












We visited the Frieze Art Fair on Randall’s Island. It was short, fun ride on a ferry, then viewing a variety of art pieces, including the art crowd. It was a perfect spring afternoon. I only wish If my daughter wasn’t so excited to pull my hand all the time, I could walk around with a glass of red.

The place was nicely laid out. Whenever we visit a art fair with Remi, I sense that gallery people get nervous around toddlers, as many booths are very small. This time I felt that people there were very relaxed and very friendly with us in their space.


Frieze New Yorkというアートフェアを見に、ランダルズ島へ行ってきました。マンハッタン島北部、イーストリバーに浮かぶ島へは色々行き方もあるようですが、私たちはフェリーで上陸しました。美術館やギャラリーより、特にアートフェアのブースは子連れで入って行った時のギャラリーの人のピリピリした感じがいつも伝わってくるのですが、この会場は広く開放的なレイアウトだからなのか(私の主観ですが。。。マンハッタンじゃないし)、各ギャラリーの人も皆リラックスした風で感じよく、歩きやすかったです。ただ、ギャラリー側のピリピリしてしまう気持ちもとてもよくわかります。展示物のある場所で、よその子が走ったり、親から離れて作品に触ったりしていると私もぎょっとします。100%親の責任ですからね。



Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto returns to New York for the solo exhibition. His large scale hand-woven fabric sculptures are filling up the space and you can walk through and feel the texture of colorful world…..

My 4 years old girl had wonderful experience to be surrounded by the art you can touch. She could sense that it was exciting to be there, but also very calming.


Ernesto Neto: The Serpent’s Energy Gave Birth to Humanity,
October 29 – December 17, 2016
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York : 521 West 21st Street New York, NY 10011

3RobbersTomi Ungerer : All in One

January 16–March 22, 2015,

Drawing Center : 35 Wooster Street, SoHo, New York, 10013




レミに”すてきな三にんぐみ” と、”へびのクリクター”という本を最近買って読んであげていたので、3人組のアニメーションには食いついていました。ついでに私のケープが3人組のケープと似ていたので帽子と一緒に貸してあげました。

Happy Holidays!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful year of 2014. I hope the year 2015 will be as entertaining and adventurous as the last one.

Did you have any activity requirements in your family growing up? Mine was tennis. My parents were both frequent tennis players, so I had to attend their Sunday practice with my sister at a very young age, without a choice. Roy and I go to galleries and museums together a lot. Remi began joining us at 2 months, and obviously she had no choice!  She loves any outing to start with, and she has been behaving pretty well and is somewhat interested in seeing the art. Around last summer, I started to notice that she shows more emotion around the work. She would smile and say “Kirei ne~”(means it’s pretty, isn’t it? in Japanese), or get scared of some sculptures, then lead us to see other works she’s more interested in. Seeing her like that makes me very happy, and I feel that she is really one of us! Our family activity will continue throughout 2015 and beyond (or until she loses interest).

I’d like to share some of our favorite art shows from last year.


1) Jacob Hashimoto, Mary Boone Gallery : October




2)Tara Donovan, Pace Gallery : June




3)Swoon, Brooklyn Museum : May




4) Louise Bourgeois, Cheim & Read : November (until January 10)




5)Juan Muñoz, Marian Goodman Gallery :December (until January 31st)




Brazilian artist twins ”Os Gemeos”, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, painted on the body of the Boeing 737, which will transport the brazilian national football team from city to city during the quickly approaching 2014 FIFA world cup. 

Air os gemeos looks fantastic!

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Kara Walker :   A Subtlety 

May 10 –  July 6, 2014.  It is free and open to the public.

The Domino Sugar Factory,  316 Kent Avenue at South 1st Street.



Swoon: Submerged Motherlands

April 11–August 24, 2014,

Brooklyn Museum : Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Gallery, 5th Floor




Egyptian-born, New York artist Ghada Amer is well known for embroidered “paintings”of women. Her new exhibition Rainbow Girls started today. This show included sculptural works that were new to us. There were a number of open shapes that resembled organic objects placed around the gallery, which were “covered” with either Islamic texts or images of women, or both. The surfaces were beautiful in either reflective stainless steel, or polished bronze. They allowed the viewer to follow the surface and take in the surrounding negative space simultaneously. Very playful and thought-provoking.

Unfortunately, her exhibited embroidered paintings were not as successful. The exhibited paintings brought to mind too quickly the work of Glenn Ligon and Shirin Neshat, who have both worked successfully with text. Amer’s paintings were too anime-ish, and missing features (noses? hello?) weaken the unfinished look of the work.

Fortunately, The Big Black Bang – RFGA 2013, is STUNNING!

Ghada Amer @ Cheim & Read

April 3 – May 10, 2014

547 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001
Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm








The sandwich book by Pawel Piotrowski. It would be a nice addition to my daughter’s book shelf. I’m sure she will eat it somehow….

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