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Brazilian artist twins ”Os Gemeos”, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, painted on the body of the Boeing 737, which will transport the brazilian national football team from city to city during the quickly approaching 2014 FIFA world cup. 

Air os gemeos looks fantastic!

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The sandwich book by Pawel Piotrowski. It would be a nice addition to my daughter’s book shelf. I’m sure she will eat it somehow….

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It’ll be fun to find his work at a book store!



Spooky and Beautiful. Not exactly the most kids friendly shadows. But I’ve been always fascinated by designs found in nature. This is perfect for people like us, who appreciate the nature but have no intention of going into the wild!

Beautiful lamp, designed by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz




So many are still suffering from Hurricane Sandy. It is very impressive that so many people, and so many organizations have rushed to help.

100% of the profit goes to Hurricane Sandy relief programs.

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Totally ridiculous, and I would LOVE to use it!  Stencil patterns on …. probably not tomatoes though.

Esslack Food Finish

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What a fun project!  I’d use saran wrap on the balloon though.

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Beautiful Work.

Jacob Hashimoto / The End of Gravity

27 October to 17 December 2011@ Mary Boone Gallery

745 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10151
Telephone: 212.752.2929
Hours: Tuesday to Friday 10–6, Saturday 10–5

Musée Jean Cocteau / Collection Séverin WUNDERMAN
2, quai Monléon  06500  Menton

This weekend the city of Menton, in the French Riviera, celebrated Jean Cocteau with a new museum. This came about because of a generous donation by an American collector, Severin Wunderman.The fantastic building was constructed specifically to showcase Cocteau’s works, designed by architect Rudy Ricciottin. Cocteau had a special relationship with city of Menton in the 50’s. He created a number of artworks while there, and was also commissioned by the city to complete a mural in City Hall. Cocteau also designed his own museum in a small and abandoned fort, “Le Bastion”, which was later transformed into the Musée Jean Cocteau in 1966.

I’ve always admired this multi-disciplined artist and visited Menton in ’98.  Besides “Le Bastion, Menton was very fun to walk around and was very cosmopolitan, I felt like seeing people from Cocteau’s set of drawing. I’d like to plan another trip there sometime in near future. (I need to convince my husband first!).



私も十数年前母とマントンを訪ねたのですが、この海辺の街は町並みもかわいらしく、雰囲気がとても魅力的な土地でした。混雑したニースの後 に行ったのでよけいにゆったりと散策出来たのかもしれません。コクトーは漁師と女を題材にした連作を残しているのですが、行き交う人々は 多国籍な感じの人が多く、まさにこの連作に出てくる様な印象を持ったのを覚えています。


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San Francisco-based artist Liz Hickok has been recreating cities and famous landmarks from around the US in her favorite medium – Jell-O! This fragile material moves, and looks beautiful with light. Bravo!

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Flavor Palette