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My Miffy Roll was featured on the Dutch company Mercis’s newsletter. It’s very small, but I’m very very happy.


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Flavor Palette was featured in the new issue of BIZ BASH Magazine on page 26 ( p28 on web). My partner Isabel and I are very happy to share this with you. “Canapé as Canvas” sounds very nice, very us. Thank you for the article, Ms. Cericola.

Last month, we went to check out Guatemala Rainbow (colorful handcrafted textiles) in Antigua, and other small towns around Lake Atitlan. The highlight of the trip was to try their traditional back strap weaving.
We had a wonderful 2 day class at the textile school Indigo Artes, and learned a lot about the weaving experience. It is very difficult work and something that I hope that people will learn about and enjoy if they take the opportunity to visit. After the class, I felt that there was no way I could bargain down for a better price for textiles in Guatemala!

….And our picture was used on their monthly brochure.

Etching Brooklyn by Roy Reid, is available at It’s like having a little train window in your living room.

So-en Magazine 12, originally uploaded by Los Dragónnes.

Rfive Design is featured in an article in the December issue of the fashion magazine SO-EN(装苑)which comes from Japan. The article is in Japanese, online and in print, and you can see it here. Many thanks to the writer Ms. Soma.

And finally, our website has been renovated. Please take a look

装苑12月号にRfive Designの記事を載せて頂きました。機会があれば御覧下さいませ〜。

Introducing my first Brooklyn Bento Book! It contains 20 pages with 37 of my bentos. It’s the perfect thing for you or the food lover in your life! Right now, it’s only available here:

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