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OKUIZOME (First Meal) is Japanese tradition that parents carry out on the 100th day after the birth of their child. We did this early on Remi’s 63rd day, because my mother was here (and she could cook the traditional meal!). By performing the ritual, they hope their child will always have good food in abundance and will never go hungry for the rest of her life. We added a sparkle, just to make it more festive. Of course Remi cannot eat anything but milk yet, but we pretended to eat adult food at this ceremony. We hope that she enjoys all types food!




Totally ridiculous, and I would LOVE to use it!  Stencil patterns on …. probably not tomatoes though.

Esslack Food Finish

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Tomás Saraceno on the Roof @ the Metropolitan Museum of Art : Cloud City

May 15, 2012–Through November 4, 2012 (weather permitting)

We finally made it to the roof of the MET. This year’s very popular exhibit is Tomás Saraceno from Argentina. We first saw his work in Copenhagen several years ago, and loved it. Our daughter turned 2 month old, so we started to take her around, and her first museum was the MET. I wonder how many more times she’ll visit there!





Tomas Saraceno @Tanya Bonakdar Gallery

Air-Port-City / Cloud Cities

2 Jun 2012 – 27 Jul 2012521

West 21st Street, New York, NY  10011

Summer hours: Monday through Friday, 10AM – 6PM

What a fun project!  I’d use saran wrap on the balloon though.

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Late March, Isabel hosted a baby shower for Roy and I. It was supposed to be 2 month before our due date, but it ended up just a month before our baby was born! Nearly 50 friends and family of us gathered around to celebrate for us. Isabel and I decided to go with Miffy theme party, since Miffy is my favorite character from my childhood. Food is our thing, and I was crazy enough to work  @ 7 months pregnant.



Miffy chips & spinach dip

Sandwich house

Parsley and bacon cake

Miffy daikon salad

Mini pesto chicken pie

Miffy sushi cake


Miffy cookie

Miffy raspberry chocolate cake






Rfive Design

Flavor Palette